Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation. The Evident Effectiveness of Charitable Choice Implementation


By design, the FCL sites selected for inclusion in the case studies were those that the study teams initial assessment found to have exhibited some evidence of effectiveness in Charitable Choice implementation across a range of dimensions. Through the case studies, we explored in greater detail the role of FCLs in the implementation of Charitable Choice. In this chapter we discuss what the case-study research found regarding the FCLs relative effectiveness in the main components of Charitable Choice implementation. We then explore the apparent relationship between the FCLs characteristics, resources, and activities and their evident effectiveness. It should be stressed that most of these assessments are based on the perceptions of respondents and the inferences of the study team.

As noted in Chapter IV, across the eight study sites respondents perceived their work implementing Charitable Choice as entailing these three main components:

  1. Facilitation of partnerships with and among FBCOs to solve pressing social problems, by means of outreach and other strategies
  2. Development of FBCOs capacity, especially for emerging organizations, to improve their ability to partner effectively and responsibly with government agencies and others, as well as to better contribute to solving social problems, and
  3. Fostering among FBOs, state/local agencies, and other concerned parties an accurate understanding of the opportunities and requirements of Charitable Choice and equal treatment principles on the state and federal levels.

The eight sites placed somewhat different emphases on each of these components, depending on their context, their resources, their stage of development, and other factors.

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