Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation. Building Capacity Among FBCOs


Virtually all of the FCLs emphasized developing the management and service capacity of FBCOs, especially that of emerging organizations. FBCO respondents, public agency partners, and intermediaries and other private partners  as well as the FCLs and their staffs  indicated that the FCLs had played a critical role in providing training, TA, and other opportunities for FBCOs to improve their organizational effectiveness. By the time of the study, this was universally seen as a major part of the FCLs missions, and they were generally viewed as effective in pursuing it.

Among the approaches that both FCLs and FBCO respondents cited as especially effective were:

  • Workshops or presentations that encouraged FBCOs to assess their key organizational development needs, such as board development and strategic planning
  • Programs that allowed FBCO cohorts to build relationships and share resources
  • Organizational capacity assessments to help FBCOs identify and rank their capacity development needs
  • Technical assistance handbooks and online materials, and
  • Determining and then building on organizations stage of development or readiness to change.

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