Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation: Practice Models from the States. Study Methodology


Study Methodology
The study aimed to increase understanding of how Charitable Choice and the FBCI were being implemented through FCLs at the state level. The methodology included (1) a scan of multi-state data sources to examine liaison characteristics and potential measures of effectiveness of the FBCI in each site, and to select potential case studies and (2) eight case studies of the FCL function in sites where evidence showed relatively effective Charitable Choice implementation. The multi-state data sources included (1) a 2004 ASPE-funded survey of state contracting officials about Charitable Choice implementation within their agencies (Jacobson et al. 2005); (2) the results of interviews with liaisons conducted between 2003 and 2005 (Sager 2006); (3) a search of the LexisNexis legal database to identify state legislation related to the FBCI between 1997 and 2007; and (4) consultations with six experts in the area of state faith-based initiatives. Study sites were selected based on evidence of increased state agency partnerships with FBOs, efforts to ensure that they are legal and appropriate, understanding within state agencies of FBO rights and responsibilities under Charitable Choice, and a level of activity and institutional security for the FCL function. Other site selection factors included geographic location, source of FCL legal authority, FCL organizational structure, and political environment.

The eight case study sites were Alabama, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, and Virginia. All had formal statewide FCLs except Illinois, which had a similar agency position that was not formally statewide at the time of the study. The case studies included site visits, interviews, observations, and document review.


About this Research Brief

This brief explores the structures, resources, and practices of state-level Faith Community Liaisons (FCLs) working to further the implementation of Charitable Choice and the faith-based and community initiative in their states. It summarizes the findings from the full report, The Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation,.

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