Role of Religiosity in the Lives of the Low-Income Population: A Comprehensive Review of the Evidence. Overview


The literature has explored the relationship between religiosity and substance use (alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes) for several years; however, a well-defined body of knowledge on the influence of religiosity and spirituality on substance use has just been developed within the past decade (Chitwood, Weiss, & Leukefeld, 2008). The number of empirical articles examining this relationship has been relatively modest compared with the number of empirical articles exploring religiosity and other topic areas (Chitwood et al., 2008). The federal faith and community-based policy initiative over the past decade encouraged an increase in research on religiosity and substance use. More recently, two literature reviews have been conducted that take stock of research findings, gaps in knowledge, methodological challenges, and areas requiring future and further study (Chitwood et al., 2008; Geppert, Bogenschutz, & Miller, 2007).

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