Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. Yavapai County, Arizona


As one of the state's oldest counties, Yavapai County was one of four of the original counties in Arizona prior to statehood. This rural community has a rich Native American history where those from the Apache, Navajo, and other tribes inhabited the land long before the westward expansion. An area which once extended 65,000 square miles now covers about 8,125 square miles, though smaller now than when originally settled, the County of Yavapai is still as large as the state of New Jersey.

With almost 150,000 residents living within the area, Yavapai County has the lowest proportion of female-headed families (7.0 percent) and percentage of households who live below poverty (9.8 percent) among the rural sites. In addition, the area's low unemployment rate, which is 4 percent, is some indication that this rural community has a strong economic base. As one of the top 5 retirement communities in the nation and an area that draws many outdoors enthusiasts, Yavapai County offers a substantial number of employment opportunities for those looking for work, particularly for a rural area. However, transportation is a significant issue. The county covers a large geographic area. Many of the job opportunities are in the small towns in the county while many of the county residents live in the outlying areas.

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