Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. San Antonio, Texas


Situated in the Southern part of the state, 80 miles west of Houston and 120 miles northwest of Corpus Christy, lies San Antonio, Texas. As the 10th largest city in the nation, roughly 1 million people live in San Antonio's sprawling community which is primarily known for the famous "Alamo" military post and historic Spanish Colonial missions.

The city is described as a bicultural community as most of the area is inhabited by persons from Mexican descent. The Hispanic community has a strong presence in San Antonio, including a number of undocumented workers in the area; more than half of the population is Hispanic. In addition, because the racial and ethnic communities typically settle in one geographic area, in some locations as many as 90 percent of the population are Hispanic.

The unemployment rate is around 4 percent, which is less than the national average. However, most jobs hover around minimum wage and few offer benefits such as health insurance, sick leave, and retirement. The city has a few major employers like Diamond Shamrock, Southwestern Bell, Tyson Foods, and Kelly Air Force Base, but tourism is the primary source of jobs in the area. The high poverty rate (18 percent) in San Antonio has been declared by the Mayor as the number one concern in the area.

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