Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. New London, Connecticut


At the mouth of Thames River and near the eastern end of Connecticut's Long Island shoreline, sits New London County. With a population of 252,958 and a welfare population of 2,400, New London has the largest general population and highest number of families receiving cash assistance among the rural sites. Most of the citizens living in New London are caucasion, however, recently there has been a large influx of immigrants from a variety of Asian and African countries.

New London is one of the few sites where the unemployment rate in the rural area which is 5.3 percent is less than the unemployment rate in the urban site as the percentage of unemployed is around 7.5 percent in Hartford. Most of the jobs are in the tourist industry, particularly during the summer months, and in manufacturing. The recent opening of several large casinos in the area has also increased the number of jobs available for unskilled workers.

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