Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. Napa, California


Just north of San Francisco, Napa County draws people from all over the country to explore the scenic vineyards and sample the local wines as Napa Valley has become recognized as one of the premier wine-making regions of the world. The economy of Napa depends largely on the wineries and tourists who frequent the area, which makes employment seasonal but wages much higher than minimum wage. In the past, Napa was considered an exporter of labor in that people lived in Napa and worked outside of the area. Recently that trend is shifting as more jobs are available in town due to businesses such as Apple Computer Worldwide Data Center, Dey Labs, and other industrial corporations.

As a result of the high wages and relatively low unemployment, less than 5 percent of the families in Napa live below the poverty level. Even though the poverty rate is relatively low, the lack of housing in the area is a substantial challenge for many low-income families since the vacancy rate is less than one percent.

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