Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. Little Rock, Arkansas


Located near the center of the state of Arkansas, Little Rock is the largest city within Pulaski County and the state capitol of Arkansas. With 175,752 living within the area, Little Rock has the second fewest number of citizens of the urban sites. The percentage of families who live below poverty (10.8 percent) and the proportion of female-headed families (14.5 percent) are relatively low compared to other sites that have similar concentrations of minority populations. Little Rock has one of the highest rates of high school completion (82 percent) and one of the lowest TANF caseloads (2,168) among the urban sites. In addition to the existence of a major military base, the city of Little Rock is the headquarters for the state's financial industry which includes a large number of banks, investment firms, and insurance companies as well as 28 Fortune 500 companies all of which contributes to the low unemployment rate (3.6 percent) and relatively low TANF population.

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