Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. Columbiana County, Ohio


Columbiana County, a wooded area with roiling hills and pockets of small rural communities, has 111,853 people living within a broad geographic region. Recognized as one of the oldest regions to be settled in the state, Columbiana has a rich historical tradition as famous events such as George Washington's exploration of Columbiana County as the starting point for the Northwest Territory and Susan B. Anthony chairing the first women's suffrage convention took place within the area.

Most of the residents living within the County are white (98.2 percent), and almost three quarter (71.8 percent) have a high school degree. The local economy is still recovering from the steel mill closings during the 1980's, as the number and types of jobs available in the area are limited to the county and local school systems and the service industry.

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