Role of Intermediaries in Linking TANF Recipients with Jobs: Final Report. Acknowledgments


This report would not have been possible without the cooperation we received from administrators from the welfare and workforce development systems, staff from the organizations that act as intermediaries and businesses that work with intermediaries to help welfare recipients make the transition from welfare to work.  Administrators from the welfare office and workforce development system granted us interviews regarding their use of intermediaries and provided us with detailed information on the intermediaries with whom they work to link welfare recipients with jobs.  Staff from the organizations that act as intermediaries welcomed us into their job search classes, helped us to understand the challenges they face in working as intermediaries in the current environment and identified employers with whom we could meet to discuss their use of intermediaries.  Employers took time out of their busy schedules to describe their relationships with intermediaries and their experience with hiring welfare recipients.

Kelleen Kaye, our project officer, played an active role in shaping this project and helped us produce a report that would respond to the needs of many different audiences.  Her clear sense of purpose and insights into the important policy and research questions in this area were invaluable throughout the completion of this project.

At the National Alliance of Business (NAB), James Van Erden, Eleanor Mower and Amanda McMahon helped us to clarify our definition of an intermediary and provided us with valuable information on the kinds of organizations that were functioning as intermediaries.  We owe a special thank you to Amanda McMahon for conducting site visits and coordinating the work for this project at NAB.

At MPR, completion of this project was truly a team effort.  LaDonna Pavetti, Carole Trippe, Michelle Derr, Jacquelyn Anderson, and Sidnee Paschal conducted the site visits, analyzed the data and contributed to the completion of this report.  Sidnee Paschal also developed a database to capture the information we collected on intermediaries and Daniel O'Connor helped us with computer programming to summarize the information in the database.  Anu Rangarajan provided an extremely insightful review of an earlier draft of the report.  Donna Dorsey and Micki Morris provided administrative support for the project and Daryl Hall provided editorial support.

The authors gratefully acknowledge these many contributions and accept sole responsibility for any errors that may remain.

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