Role of Faith-Based and Community Organizations in Providing Relief and Recovery Services After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Sample Sizes by Geographic Strata


Random samples of organizations were selected within each of the seven strata. These samples were further stratified by either type of nonprofit organization (direct service provider, community group, or facility provider) or by type of church (Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, etc.). Table A1 shows how many interviews we aimed to complete in each of the seven sampling strata. The total number of organizations actually sampled in each stratum was two to three times greater depending on the expected response and eligibility rates.

Table A1.
Initial Sample Size Goals by Geographic Strata
Location Churches
Primary Impact Mississippi 15 15
Primary Impact Louisiana 20 20
Secondary Impact Mississippi 15 15
Secondary Impact Louisiana 20 20
Tertiary Mississippi 10 10
Tertiary Louisiana 10 10
Tertiary Texas 10 10
TOTAL 100 100

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