Role of Faith-Based and Community Organizations in Providing Relief and Recovery Services After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Eligibility Rates


In addition to reporting the response rate, it is useful to know what percentage of the responding organizations provided relief services. We are calling this the eligibility rate, defined as the number of organizations who said that they provided services over the total number of organizations that responded to the survey (i.e., both those that did and did not provide services). Overall, 74.5 percent of organizations that we talked with said that they provided some relief services. Table A5 shows the eligibility rate for each sampling stratum.

Table A5.
Eligibility Rates by Geographic Strata
Location Churches
Primary impact Mississippi 88.0 66.7
Primary impact Louisiana 65.5 64.5
Secondary impact Mississippi 81.3 61.9
Secondary impact Louisiana 92.6 88.0
Tertiary Mississippi 80.0 58.3
Tertiary Louisiana 88.9 64.7
Tertiary Texas 70.0 70.0
TOTAL 80.9 68.6

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