The Risk of Needing LTSS: DYNASIM Projections. Acknowledgments


  • This is joint work with many colleagues
    • Urban team: Owen Haaga, Paul Johnson, Richard Johnson, Karen Smith, Brenda Spillman, Douglas Murray
    • Milliman: Al Schmitz, Chris Giese, Jill Bruckert; ARC
    • Medical expenses: Harvard Medical School, Health Care Policy: Michael Chernew, Laura Hatfield, Tom McGuire
  • Thanks to ASPE/HHS for comments and support
    • Judith Dey, Pamela Doty, John Drabeck, William Marton, and Samuel Shipley
  • Thanks to other funders: AARP, Leading Age, National Institute on Aging, the SCAN Foundation, University of Hawaii
  • Thanks to review panels/reviewers:
    • Chris Giese, Harriet Komisar, Al Schmitz, Brenda Spillman, Anne Tumlinson, and Josh Wiener

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