ReWORKing Welfare Technical Assistance for States and Localities. IV. Structuring Activities: Advice on Program Components


Work first program activities teach participants the skills that they need in order to look for, find, and keep a job. Part IV of this guide (sections 23-31) describes nine activities frequently included in work first programs: applicant job search; orientation; assessment; job club; job development; education; training; work experience and subsidized employment; and retention and reemployment services. They are discussed in roughly the order in which a participant might encounter them as she moves through the program. The core work first activity is job search, and running effective group job clubs is perhaps the most important element of work first implementation. If you read only one section of this guide, read section 26, on job clubs. However, job search alone will not help all participants find jobs. The other activities round out the program, making it more successful than job search alone. The quality of all these activities, and the extent to which they support the goals of work first, can determine the effectiveness of your program.