ReWORKing Welfare Technical Assistance for States and Localities. II. Getting Started: Advice on Program Policy and Planning


Part II of this guide (sections 5-13) identifies some of the questions you need to ask and decisions you need to make as you prepare to implement a work first program. What are the key challenges of transforming your current program? What mix of policies, activities, and services will form your work first model? How will participants move through the program? Who will participate, and what will the program's mandates and sanction policies look like? This part of the guide also suggests questions to ask about the environment in which the program will operate-including characteristics of the welfare caseload and conditions of the local labor market. It offers ways to build support for the program both within the agency and in the broader community, to create a larger environment that will promote the program's goals and enhance its success. Finally, it provides advice on establishing performance measures and evaluating program impacts.