Residential Care Facilities: A Key Sector in the Spectrum of Long-term Care Providers in the United States. In 2010, RCFs numbered 31,100, providing 971,900 beds


  • Approximately, one-half of RCFs were small facilities with 4-10 beds (50%) (Figure 1). The rest were medium facilities with 11-25 beds (16%), large facilities with 26-100 beds (28%), and extra large facilities with more than 100 beds (7%).

  • When the number of residents that RCFs were serving at the time of interview was compared by facility size, small facilities were found to serve 10% of all residents in RCFs and medium facilities served 9% of residents, while large RCFs served 52% of all residents in RCFs and extra large RCFs served 29%.

FIGURE 1. Residential Care Facilities and Residents, by Facility Size: United States, 2010
Bar Chart: Facilities -- Small (50%, 15,400); Medium (16%, 4,900); Large (28%, 8,700); Extra large (7%, 2,100). Residents -- Small (10%, 75,700); Medium (9%, 67,000); Large (52%, 381,800); Extra large (29%, 208,900).
SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Survey of Residential Care Facilities, 2010.
NOTE: Estimates may not add to totals because of rounding.

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