Research on Employment Supports for People with Disabilities: Summary of the Focus Group Findings. Tax Policies


Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).119 Through this program, an employer may qualify for a tax credit for a portion of wages that they pay to workers with disabilities referred by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The program provides special tax credits to employers that hire people with disabilities.

Deduction for Removal of Barriers (IRS Code Section 190). Taxpayers may deduct expenses for making a facility or vehicle used in their business more accessible to persons with disabilities.

Accessibility Credit (IRS Code Section 44). An eligible small business that pays or incurs expenses for providing access to persons with disabilities is allowed a tax credit.

Earned Income Tax Credit.120 The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a tax credit that can reduce the amount of income tax owed and can give taxpayers a large refund. Even if a taxpayer does not owe money in taxes, they can often receive money back from the EITC. Eligibility for the EITC is based on employment in the previous year, income and the number of qualifying children in the household. For instance, an individual may be able to claim EITC if he or she was employed in 1999 and he or she:

  • Earned less than $30,580, and has two or more qualifying children; or
  • Earned less than $26,928, and has one qualifying child; or
  • Earned less than $10,200, and has no qualifying children, and are between the ages of 25 and 64.
Policies and Programs Available in Seattle/Tacoma for People with Disabilities
Organization Contact Information Web Site Program/Services Target Group Target Area
Private and Non-Profit Programs
Center for Independence 407 14th Ave., S.E.
Puyallup, 98371
PH: (253)845-5187
FAX: (253)848-0798 Community activities that address civil and equal rights issues at all levels; peer support and role modeling; individual advocacy and independent living skills development; information and referral to community resources. All people with disabilities Seattle/Puyallup
Learning Disabilities Association of Washington 7819-159 Pl., N.E.
Redmond, 98052
PH: (425)882-0792
  Information and referral network; international conference; technical assistance to schools for planning and implementing programs for students with learning disabilities; congressional testimony and forums on legal rights. Individuals with learning disabilities and their families Home office in Redmond
Local services are provided in the Seattle and Tacoma school systems
Lifetime Advocacy Plus 11000 Lake City Way, N.E.
Suite 401
Seattle, 98125
PH: (206)367-8055
FAX: (206)367-8353 Estate and/or personal guardianship; trusteeship; attorney in fact; representative payee; standby (peace of mind) services; individual consultation; executor/personal representative. Persons with disabilities Statewide
Home office is in Seattle
Education, Training, and Rehabilitation
ARC of King County 10550 Lake City Way, N.E.
Seattle, 98125
PH: (206)364-1613
FAX: (206)364-1840 Advocacy & Referral Program (A&R); information resource and referral; direct advocacy. People with developmental disabilities and related neurological disorders King County
ARC of Washington State 1703 State Ave., N.E.
Olympia, 98506
PH: (360)357-5596
FAX: (360)357-3279
Client Assistance Program P.O. Box 22510
Seattle, 98144
PH: (206)721-5999
FAX: (206)721-4537 dvr/aboutdvr/cap.htm Due process program for clients of DVR: advocacy, mediation, assistance with legal process. DVR clients Statewide
Focus group participants mentioned local representatives as supports
Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 1609 19th Ave.
Seattle, 98122
PH: (206)322-4996
TTY: (206)322-4996
FAX: (206)720-3251 Peer counseling; workshops; advocacy for removal of social/ language/attitudinal barriers for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people. Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people Greater Seattle Area
Computers for Handicapped Independence 914 E. Spruce St.
Suite 32
Yakima, 98901
PH: (509)457-4506 Program provides information on software and hardware for persons with limitations; information service is provided via the Internet and phone; free usage to those requesting the service. Persons with varied limitations either in motor, vision, learning, hearing, or cognitive skills. Based in Yakima
Information services provided nationwide
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 3600 South Graham St.
Seattle, 98118
Voice/TTY: (206)720-3200
FAX: (206)720-3222 Vocational assessment, counseling and guidance, physical restoration, job preparation, job match/placement, support services, post-employment. Persons with physical or mental impairments Statewide
Local field offices in: Bellevue, Kent, Burien, Everett Federal Way, North Seattle Renton, Tacoma, Puyallup
Easter Seals Washington 521 2nd Ave., W.
Seattle, 98119
PH: (206)281-5700
FAX: (206)284-0938 Accessibility design; vocational rehabilitation camping and respite care; housing assistance inclusive childcare; computer loan program; computer-assistive technology Men, women and children with disabilities and their families In-person services provided at main office in Seattle
Eastside Employment Services 1601 116th Ave., N.E.
Bellevue, 98004
PH: (425)453-0676
FAX: (425)453-0338
  Individual Employment Placement: placement into a job, training at the job site and/or of the individual, and follow-along services to help maintain the individual in the job. Persons with developmental disabilities King County
Epilepsy Foundation 3800 Aurora Ave. N.
Suite 370
Seattle 98103
PH: (206)547-4551 Work for people affected by seizures through research, education, advocacy and service. People with epilepsy In-person services provided at main office in Seattle
Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment P.O. Box 9046
Olympia, 98507
PH: (360)438-3168
TTY: (360)438-3167 Governor's Advisory Council Individuals with disabilities Statewide
Focus group participants mentioned local representatives as supports
HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Center multiple sites throughout Washington facility/us/washington.html Sports medicine, occupational rehabilitation. People with physical disabilities Multiple locations in Seattle and Tacoma
Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center 1620 18th Ave.
Seattle, 98122
PH: (425)776-1915
TTY: (206)328-6871
FAX: (206)323-5770 Training, Assessment & Placement Program (TAPP); vocational counseling & assessment, job search training, employer information and referral, job placement Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have other physical and mental disabilities Seattle/Tacoma
International Association of Machinists Center for Administering Rehabilitation and Employment Services(IAM CARES) 9125 15th Pl., S.
Seattle, 98108
PH: (206)323-5770
TTY: (206)764-0452 Assessment of abilities and interests, job readiness, job development, job modification, job training, industrial evaluation, job placement, follow-up and support services. Persons with disabilities National organization with offices in WIA One-Stops in Seattle, Tacoma, Snohomish
National Federation of the Blind P.O. Box 2516
Seattle, 98111
PH: (425)823-6380 Public education; information and referral; supplies, appliances and other adaptive equipment; job opportunities; scholarships; literature and publications about blindness; advocacy services; development and evaluation of technology. Support for blind persons. Blind persons In-person services provided at main office in Seattle
Northwest Center 1600 West Armory Way
Seattle, 98119
PH: (206)285-5441
FAX: (206)286-2304 Vocational and Employment Services: vocational evaluation, prevocational training, comprehensive employment support, job placement. Children and adults with disabilities Seattle
Paralyzed Veterans (PVA) 616 S.W. 152nd St.
Suite B
Burien, 98166
PH: (206)241-1843
FAX: (206)433-0749 Public education; information and referral; job opportunities; advocacy services Paralyzed veterans Statewide
Most services provided at home office in Seattle
Private Industry Council of Seattle-King County 2003 Western Ave.
Suite 250
Seattle, 98121
PH: (206)448-0474
FAX: (206)448-0484 Services designed to provide skills and training needed to acquire and retain employment; provides Learning Disabilities Project. Unemployed, underemployed and economically disadvantaged residents Seattle & King County
Seattle Central Community College Academic Advising Center, Mainstay Program 1701 Broadway
Seattle, 98122
PH: (206)587-4068
FAX: (206)587-6321 career Assists and supports people with disabilities in reaching financial and personal independence by gaining employment in the competitive workplace; provides training based on work experience settings, both on campus and in the community; provides job placement, arranging transportation, integration with co-workers. Assists with resume development, interviewing, counseling, skills development. Students with disabilities Seattle area
Seattle Central Community College Differently Abled Student Services Program 1701 Broadway
Room 1147
Seattle, 98122
PH: (206)587-4169
FAX: (206)344-4390 catalog/central/academ.html Accessibility; adaptive equipment services; accommodations; personal and rehabilitation counseling; Ddsability evaluation referral; resource information. Students with special needs are encouraged to contact this office prior to registration to help determine what services are needed and available. Support services can include advocacy, counseling, referral for diagnostic testing for learning disabilities, note takers, readers, special testing accommodations, support groups, scribes, and taping of textbooks. Students with disabilities Seattle area
Tacoma Goodwill Industries 714 S. 27th St.
Tacoma, 98409
PH: (253)272-5166 Vocational evaluation, work experience, on-the-job-training, job placement, job seeking skills. Visual, hearing, orthopedic, heart/lung, cerebral palsy, MR, LD, epilepsy, MD, substance abuse Tacoma Branches and stores in Yakima, Longview, Olympia, Port Angeles
TRAC Associates 2601 Elliott Ave.
Suite 4160
Seattle, 98121
PH: (206)443-9999
FAX: (206)443-9079
  Job Readiness Workshop: Five hrs/day, one week session; "return to work experts" Low income, veterans, immigrants, disabilities, workers' comp, homeless, welfare recipients Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Tukwila
University of Washington (Seattle campus) Center for Career Services 301 Loew Hall
Seattle, 98195
PH: (206)543-9102
FAX: (206)616-4863 careers Career and job search services. University of Washington students, alumni; disability accommodations promoted Seattle area
University of Washington (Seattle campus) DO-IT CAREERS 4518 University Way
Suite 200
Seattle, 98105
PH: (206)685-3648
FAX: (206)221-4171 Technological support for students' academic and employment pursuits; guidance in developing self-advocacy and job-search strategies; facilitation of students' access to professional role models and internships. Disability awareness training; distribution ofprogram information. People with disabilities (e.g., high school students, 2-yr college students, etc.) pursuing academics and careers. Seattle area
Washington Council of the Blind 1503 5th Ave.,W.
Seattle, 98119
PH: (800)255-1147
FAX: (206)545-7059
  Toll-free information and referral; scholarship assistance; public education and awareness training; support to consumer advocates and legal assistance; leadership and legislative training; consulting with industry regarding employment of the blind and visually impaired; governmental monitoring, consultation and advocacy. Blind or visually impaired individuals, but sighted individuals may also join Statewide
Direct services provided at home office in Seattle
Washington Protection and Advocacy 180 West Dayton
Suite 102
Edmonds, 98020
PH: (425)776-1199
FAX: (425)776-0601 Direct representation, information and referral, systems advocacy, training and publications. Persons with disabilities Statewide
In-person services provided at main office in King County
Washington State Business Leadership Network P.O. Box 77048
Seattle, 98177
PH: (206)826-1018
TTY: (206)361-5628
FAX: (206)440-2206 contact/index.htm Educate and support businesses to hire, retain and improve customer service toward persons with disabilities. Businesses in WA state Statewide
Services provided primarily in Seattle area
Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council 906 Columbia St., S.W.
P.O. Box 48314
Olympia, 98504
PH: (360)753-3908
FAX: (360)586-2424 boards/boards2000.pdf
Plans comprehensive services. Educate, advise local, state and federal policy makers on disability systems issues. WA state residents with developmental disabilities Statewide
Focus group participants mentioned local representatives as supports
Washington Talking Book and Braille Library 2021 9th Ave.
Seattle, 98121
PH: (206)615-0400 Summer Reading Program books and magazines on tape; braille and large print books; Evergreen radio reading service; closed circuit magnifiers (CCTV) demonstrations; on-line access WA state residents who are legally blind, deaf-blind, visually impaired, physically disabled or learning disabled Statewide
Direct services provided at home office in Seattle
Washington Vocational Services 3600 S. Graham
Seattle, 98118
PH: (206)720-3200 Collocated with DVR. Provides: Vocational training; career counseling; case management; internship placement; supported employment services for severely disabled persons; specialized services for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. WA job seekers Snohomish and King County
In-Kind Support Services
Brain Injury Association of Washington 16315 N.E. 87th
Suite B4
Redmond, 98052
PH: (425)895-0047
FAX: (425)895-0458 Information, advocacy and support; chartered association of National Brain Injury Association. Services: clearinghouse of resources and information; network of peer support groups; specialized brain injury rehabilitation programs. Persons with a brain injury, family members, friends, and professionals In-person services and peer support groups provided in Seattle (at Group Health Central), Tacoma (at TACID), and Snohomish (at Christ the King Lutheran Church and Mountlake Terrace)
Pierce County Transit P.O. Box 99070
Tacoma, 98499
PH: (253)581-8100
FAX: (253)581-8075 Public Transportation Bus Services, Rideshare Shuttle. Shuttle service for people unable to ride regular Pierce County Transit; wheelchair-accessible bus stops Puget Sound Region
PROVAIL P.O. Box 77048
Seattle, 98177
PH: (206)363-7303 State's largest private, multi-service agency that provides services such as: Community Living Program (CLP); employment and community services; therapeutic and assistive technology services; dental clinic. Children and adults with all types of disabilities Statewide
Most services provided at home office in Seattle
Regional Epilepsy Center at Harborview Medical Center (University of Washington) 325 9th Ave.
P.O. Box 959745
Seattle, 98104
PH: (800)374-3627
FAX: (206)731-4409 Discussion board; quarterly newsletter; job club; "Ask the Doctor"; in-patient and out-patient treatment; support groups. Persons with epilepsy Seattle area
Seattle Central Community College Center for Deaf Students 1701 Broadway
Seattle, 98122
Voice/TTY: (206)587-4183 Provides interpreters and support services which allow equal access to educational opportunities at the college. Deaf students Seattle area
Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities (TACID) 6315 S. 19th St.
Tacoma, 98466
PH: (253)565-9000
FAX: (253)565-5578 Interpreter referral services; assistive technology resources; information and referral; job-seeking skills training; job placement assistance. Persons with disabilities Tacoma
Washington Assistive Technology Alliance (WATA) 2366 E. Lake
Seattle, 98102
PH: (206)726-8580
FAX: (425)861-4642 Information and referral consultation legal advice and advocacy policy development; and legislative action technical training publications online resources. People with disabilities, their families, caregivers, employers, teachers, health care and social service providers Statewide
In-person services provided at office in Seattle (University of Washington)
Washington Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities 4649 Sunnyside Ave., N.
Seattle, 98103
PH: (206)545-7055 Information and assistance, peer support, independent living skills training, and advocacy services. The Coalition's services are delivered through three Independent Living Centers in King and Snohomish Counties. People with disabilities, including those with multiple, complex human and economic service needs King and Snohomish Counties
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment 83 South King St.
Suite 603
Seattle, 98104
PH: (206)343-0881
FAX: (206)323-2078 Training and technical assistance. Individuals with significant disabilities Nationwide