Research on Employment Supports for People with Disabilities: Summary of the Focus Group Findings. OVERVIEW OF LOCALITIES

The availability of programs that provide income, in-kind, and other support to people with disabilities can play an important role in determining employment outcomes. Because employment outcomes are partly a function of access to various support programs, we collected information on the support programs available to people with disabilities in each of the three focus group localities (Los Angeles, California; Newark, New Jersey; and Seattle/Tacoma, Washington).

In this first section, we provide a brief overview of the characteristics of individuals with disabilities in California, New Jersey and Washington. In the three sections that follow we provide detailed descriptions of the programs in each of the states. The profiles include programs that are available at the federal, state and local levels. There is substantial overlap regarding the provisions of the federal programs that are available, although many federal programs contain state-specific provisions that vary across the states. In describing the federal programs, we describe both the federal and state features. While the federal descriptions are identical across profiles, descriptions of state-specific provisions are unique to each profile. This means that some information is repeated; however, it also means that each state's section can stand alone, as all the programs for each state are described in its section. Footnotes refer the reader to source material, or in some cases, provide additional information.