Research Addressing the HHS Strategic Framework on Multiple Chronic Conditions. White paper #2: Understanding Disparities in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Research Approaches and Datasets


Building on the first white paper, the purpose of the second white paper was to examine disparities in the population of people with MCC, with the goal of identifying promising areas for MCC disparities research, data sources and methods. Specifically, this white paper addressed the following questions:

  1. What combinations of comorbidities are most critical in terms of identifying opportunities for targeting and reducing disparities in care utilization and cost in MCC adult populations?
  2. What data systems and datasets exist that can be analyzed to better improve our understanding of and approaches to addressing disparities in MCC adult populations?

This paper examines techniques for studying disparities within population with MCC, identifying promising data, methods, and topics for future MCC disparities research. The paper summarizes the current literature on MCC disparities, describes how the methodological challenges of disparities research are further manifested in MCC research, reviews promising methods, and assesses the potential utility for MCC disparities research of the data systems and datasets described in white paper #1. Additional data systems and datasets for MCC disparities research are also identified.

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