Research Addressing the HHS Strategic Framework on Multiple Chronic Conditions. Appendix 2: Technical Advisory Group Members


The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) included experts from federal agencies who were consulted about the content of the studies. The Appendix lists the members and their affiliations. TAG members participated in an initial in-person meeting in December 2012 and provided feedback on the original literature review to determine additional databases, grouping systems, and methods for studying MCC in disparities populations. TAG members then participated in a second meeting by teleconference in May 2013 to review and provide feedback on the first draft of the White Paper, “Understanding the High Prevalence of Low-Prevalence Chronic Disease Combinations: Databases and Methods for Research,” and a third teleconference in August 2013 to review and provide feedback and revisions for the first draft of the White Paper, “Understanding Disparities in Persons with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Research Approaches and Datasets.”

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