Report to the Congress on Kinship Foster Care. Social Security Act Amendments


In 1994, through amendments to the Social Security Act, Congress gave the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) authority to approve child welfare demonstration projects that waive certain federal legislative and regulatory requirements under titles IV-E and IV-B. These demonstration projects allowed up to 10 States to test the effectiveness of alternative interventions or approaches to service delivery to improve outcomes for children and families (under ASFA, HHS was granted authority to issue 10 waivers per year between 1998 and 2002). Several of the States with approved demonstration projects have decided to focus on improving service to public kinship care families. They are using title IV-E funds to pay for services to groups not currently eligible for IV-E, providing a wide range of services currently not allowable under IV-E (including early intervention, family preservation, family reunification, and aftercare services), and supporting permanency options not currently reimbursable under IV-E, such as subsidized guardianship (Chapter 4).

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