Report to the Congress on Kinship Foster Care. Permanency Plans for Children in Kinship Care


Caseworkers’ goals for the permanent living arrangements of children in public kinship care appear to differ from those for children in non-kin foster care. It is difficult to determine the proportion of kin and non-kin foster children for whom permanent reunification with their birth families is a goal because the data are inconsistent. Some data suggest that plans for children in public kinship care are more likely to include reunification (AFCARS, 1998)38  while other data suggest the opposite (Cook and Ciarico, 1998). Data do show that adoption is a less frequent goal for children in kinship care (AFCARS, 1998; Cook and Ciarico, 1998; GAO, 1999; Zimmerman et al., 1998) and permanent placement with a relative is a more frequent goal (AFCARS, 1998; Cook and Ciarico, 1998).

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