Report to the Congress on the Feasibility of Creating and Maintaining a National Registry of Child Maltreatment Perpetrators. FINAL WORDS

A number of steps must be taken if a national registry of child maltreatment perpetrators is to be implemented in a way that could accurately identify perpetrators, prevent individuals with common names from being falsely identified, protect the rights of those identified as perpetrators, and secure the voluntary participation of most states. Accomplishing this, a national registry could then provide limited information in response to inquiries, most likely a statement that "A person with the same name and birth date as [the subject] was substantiated for X type of maltreatment in Y state on Z date."

A decision to move forward with implementation should consider whether a national registry of child maltreatment perpetrators would realize the child safety benefits that were anticipated in the discussion of this provision that surrounded the passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. In addition, particularly given current budget realities, an implementation decision should consider whether this or alternative child safety investments would be more effective in promoting the well-being of vulnerable children.


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