Report on Alternative Outcome Measures: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant . Appendix D: Select Sources of Data for Outcome Measures

References have been made throughout this report about the need for timely and reliable data that would permit an assessment of states performance in achieving the goals of TANF. Discussion of the various outcome-based performance measures has included brief references to various data sources that might or might not be suitable for that purpose. Below are described some of the major sources of data for potential outcome measures, including both survey and administrative sources. This is neither a comprehensive listing nor intended to be a comprehensive description of data sources, but rather a brief introduction to the types of information that are available through each of these sources. Internet addresses are provided for those seeking additional information about the surveys discussed.

Following the narrative description is a table of selected characteristics of each data source, which includes the agency that collects the data, the unit of analysis, the frequency with which data are collected, how soon after collection the data are available for analysis, the sample size and whether the sample is large enough to allow for state-level estimates.