Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens. Transmittal Letter to Secretary


Honorable Caspar W. Weinberger
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare

Dear Mr. Secretary:

It is a privilege for me to submit this report to you on behalf of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Automated Personal Data Systems. The Committee believes that the report makes a significant contribution toward understanding many of the problems arising from the application of computer technology to record keeping about people. Our recommendations provide the framework for general solutions and also specify actions to be taken both within HEW and by the Federal government as a whole.

We are grateful for the interest that you have expressed in our work. Both you and former Secretary Richardson deserve praise for responding to public concern about the issues posed by automation of personal-data record- keeping operations. We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to be of service to you and the Department, and, we hope, to all our fellow citizens.

Our undertaking has required the cooperation of many agencies and organizations and the assistance of many individuals. We wish to thank everyone at HEW who helped us. The contributions of individuals who served as our immediate staff are acknowledged in the Preface to the report. We wish to note particularly the remarkable diligence and devotion to our task of our Executive Director, David B. H. Martin, and Associate Executive Director, Carole Watts Parsons.


Willis W. Ware