Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens. Organizational Responsibility


Responsibility for taking the actions necessary to implement our recommendations will have to be assigned to many officials of the Department who are already burdened with other duties. They will need guidance and assistance. The Secretary will need to designate someone who can devote substantial time and effort to assuring that these actions are taken in a timely and effective fashion. Therefore, an official in the Office of the Secretary should be given responsibility to serve as a combination advisor, monitor, and catalyst to assure that the concerns addressed in this report receive continuing attention, and specifically, to assure that automated personal data systems within the Department, and within grantee and contractor agencies, are operated in accordance with the safeguards we recommend. This official should have adequate authority, staff, and support to conduct these activities effectively.

This official should be directed to embark on a positive program of heightening concern within the Department for the issues raised in this report. This program should reach to all who now do, or are apt in the future, to use, direct, or contribute to the use or development of automated personal data systems, at all Civil Service grade levels and in all operating agencies.