Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens. Committee Members



WILLIS H. WARE, Corporate Research Staff, The Rand Corporation,
Santa Monica, California, Chairman

LAYMAN E. ALLEN, Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

JUAN A. ANGLERO, Assistant Secretary for Planning & Development, Department of Social Services,
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

STANLEY J. ARONOFF, Ohio State Senator,
Cincinnati, Ohio

WILLIAM T. BAGLEY,  California State Assemblyman,
Sacramento, California

PHILIP M. BURGESS, Professor of Political Science, The Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio

GERTRUDE M. COX,  Statistical Consultant,
Raleigh, North Carolina


YL PATRICIA CROSS, Senior Research Psychologist, Educational Testing Service,
Berkeley, California

GERALD L. DAVEY, President and Chief Executive Officer, Medlab Computer Services, Inc.,
Salt Lake City, Utah

J. TAYLOR DeWEESE,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GUY H. DOBBS, Vice President, Xerox Computer Services,
Los Angeles, California

*ROBERT R.J. GALLATI, Director,  New York State Identification and Intelligence System (NYSIIS),
Albany, New York

FLORENCE R. GAYNOR,  Executive Director, Maitland Hospital,
Newark, New Jersey

**JOHN L. GENTILE,  Deputy Director, State of Illinois Department of Finance,
Springfield, Illinois

*FRANCES GROMMERS, M.D., Visiting Lecturer, Harvard School of Pub lic of Public Health,
Boston, Massachusetts

JANE L. HARDAWAY,  Commissioner, State of Tennessee Department of Personnel,
Nashville, Tennessee

JAMES C. MARA,  Administrator of Educational Accountability, State of Florida. Department of Education,
Tallahassee, Florida

PATRICIA J. LANPHERE,  Assistant Supervisor, Bureau of Services to Families and Children, State of Oklahoma Department of Institutions, Social and Rehabilitative Services,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

ARTHUR R. MILLER,  Professor of Law, Harvard Law School,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

DON M. MUCHMORE,  Senior Vice President, California Federal Savings and Loan Association,
Los Angeles, California

JANE V. NOREEN,  St. Paul, Minnesota

ROY SIEMILLER,  Vice President, Labor Relations, National Affiance of Businessmen, Washington, D.C.

MRS. HAROLD SILVER,  Denver, Colorado

SHEILA M. SMYTHE,  Vice President, Associated Hospital Service of New York,
New York, New York

JOSEPH WEIZENBAUM,  Professor of Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

DAVID B.H. MARTIN,  Special Assistant to the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, Executive Director

CAROLE W. PARSONS,  Associate Executive Director

*Dr. Grommers served as Chairman of the Committee from May, 1972 to January, 1973; she was unable to continue as a member of the Committee thereafter.

*On April 1, 1973, Dr. Gallati assumed responsibility as Commanding Officer, Inspection Division, Police Department, City of New York.

**On April 1, 1973, Mr. Gentile joined the U.S. Postal Service as Assistant Postmaster General Management Information Systems Department.