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I have heard that if we receive electronic claims from the State of New Jersey, that we have to be HIPAA compliant by October 2001. Can you confirm and tell me where I can find additional information on this?


In New Jersey, the HINT (Healthcare Information Networks and Technologies) law promotes the development and use of health care Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using national standards to achieve health care administrative simplification, resulting in potential cost savings for both the public and private sectors. According to state officials, HINT is mandated only among those entities regulated by the New Jersey state Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI); Medicaid is NOT regulated by DOBI. Therefore, New Jersey Medicaid's decision to adhere to the HINT time line, for implementing transactions and code sets, is merely voluntary and not mandated.

The HINT law will require certain transactions and code sets be implemented prior to the federally mandated HIPAA compliance date. However, the HINT rule has not been finalized and therefore no compliance date relative to HINT has been published. The proposed rules are available on the Department of Banking and Insurance's web site: Refer to the web site for HINT details.

Questions specifically related to New Jersey Medicaid, can be directed to Michael Chiofolo, New Jersey Medicaid, (609) 588-2759 or e-mail machiofolo@DHS.STATE.NJ.US