Questions Submitted by the Public, by Date Posted to the Website. Access to HIPAA-QUESTIONs


How will the answers to the questions submitted via this mailbox be publicized?

If the answers are incorporated into FAQs, will they be new FAQs or updated versions of the ones you already provide?

If the latter, will the new material be separated or marked in some way or will it be necessary to compare the current FAQs to an earlier version to identify the new information?


We have set up a button -- "Answers to Your Questions" -- on the ADMNSIMP website so that FAQs coming into HIPAA-QUESTION can be accessed separately from the FAQs published earlier.

Each new FAQ that is added will have a posting date (the date the FAQ was posted on the website), and the ADMNSIMP homepage will display the date of the most recent posting. You will be able to check this date to determine whether any new answers have been posted since the last time you checked. If there has been a new posting, you will be able to identify the specific FAQ that has been added or updated by checking the posting date associated with each question.

As the number of FAQs grows, we will develop a structure for the questions and answers (e.g., by topic) to improve accessibility.