Quality in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs. E. Member Feedback


CMS' recent MLTSS guidance calls for states and/or MCOs to measure members' experience of care and quality of life. All of the programs reviewed field either satisfaction or experience of care surveys, with most administering them on an annual basis. In some instances, the surveys are conducted by the state, whereas others are completed by the MCO. There are a few examples of these surveys being administered by a contractor (EQRO, AAAD,18 FEA19). In a few cases, there is a dual-survey approach where both the state and either the MCO or another contractor conduct them. In Michigan, separate surveys are conducted with members having mental illness and IDD. A few states use externally tested instruments (Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program [MHSIP], Core Indicators, Participant Experience Survey (PES), HCBS Experience of Care Survey) while others rely on state or MCO-developed instruments. In addition to surveying members, two of the programs conduct focus groups (Pennsylvania) or listening sessions (Wisconsin) with members.

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