Public Housing Agencies and Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless People. 3.1. Public Housing Agencies with Moving to Work Authority


A few PHAs (currently 33 of the 4,000)9 have demonstration authority under a HUD program called Moving to Work (MTW). MTW gives the PHA the authority to operate outside the regular legislative and regulatory constraints of the Public Housing and HCV programs, under terms specified in a contract between HUD and the PHA. For example, many MTW PHAs may merge their funding streams for the Public Housing and HCV programs, may project-base additional vouchers beyond the 20 percent quota specified in law, and may convert housing subsidy funds into funds used for services.10

Some of the PHAs that have been most active in partnerships to create PSH have MTW authority, including two that were visited for this project, the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) and the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). The experience of these and other MTW PHAs may suggest approaches that other PHAs, without MTW authority, could follow under current law and regulations, with additional guidance from HUD.

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