Public Health Laboratories and Health System Change . State Public Health Laboratory Contacts


State Public Health Laboratory Contacts
Russell Alexander, M.D.
Chief of Epidemiology
Seattle King County Health Department
John Hunt, Ph.D.
Clinical Unit Leader
Public Health Laboratory
Minnesota Department of Health
Carl Blank, Dr.P.H.
Acting Executive Director
Association of State and Territorial Public Health Laboratory Directors
Stan Inhorn, M.D.
Medical Director
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
Pauline Bouchard, J.D., M.P.H.
Public Health Laboratory Director
Minnesota Department of Health
Michael Kimberly, Dr.P.H.
Director of Laboratory Services
Tennessee Department of Health
Henry Bradford, Jr. Ph.D.
State Public Health Laboratory Director
Office of Public Health
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Robert Martin, Dr.P.H.
Bureau of Laboratories
Michigan Department of Community Health
Ron Cada, Dr.P.H.
Colorado Division of Laboratories
Department of Public Health
David Maserang, Ph.D.
Bureau Chief
Bureau of Laboratories
Texas Department of Health
Jon Counts, Dr.P.H.
Assistant Secretary
Public Health Laboratory
Washington State Department of Health
Marion E. Pierce
Director, Public Health Laboratory
Division of Public Health Services
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Jack DeBoy, Dr.P.H.
Deputy Director
Public Health Laboratory
Maryland Department of Health
Ralph Timperi, M.P.H.
State Laboratory Institute
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Arthur Di Salvo, M.D.
Bureau Chief
Bureau of Laboratory Services
Nevada State Health Division
Michael Volz, Ph.D.
Assistant Deputy Director
Laboratory Science
California State Department of Health Services
Francis Downs, Dr.P.H.
Managed Care Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
Michigan Department of Community Health
Burt Wilcke, Jr., Ph.D.
State Public Health Laboratory
Vermont State Department of Health
(President, ASTPHLD)
Charles Hartwig, Sc.D.
Office of Laboratory Sciences
Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services
Ann Whilley, Ph.D.
Division of Laboratory, Quality, and Certification
New York State Department of Health