Providing Mental Health Services to TANF Recipients: Program Design Choices and Implementation Challenges in Four States. Utah


Utah's Department of Workforce Services (DWS) uses the Mental Health Services Clinical Evaluation as the basis for making a clinical diagnosis and recommendations for mental health treatment and other types of services. However, social workers at DWS are given discretion to use their own inventories. Most social workers incorporate components of the clinical evaluation with a variety of other tools in their clinical assessment. Two assessment tools used in Utah are presented in this appendix. The first is the standard DWS form, which is used by some social workers around the state, and the second is an example of a modified assessment tool used by a social worker in Salt Lake County.

Purpose of the screening/assessment tool: The purpose of the assessment tool is to provide a clinical diagnosis and recommendation for mental health treatment and other types of services.

Target population: The clinical evaluation/assessment instrument is administered to TANF recipients referred to mental health services, clients in sanction status, clients reaching their time limit on cash assistance, and clients who screen positive on the CAGE substance abuse questionnaire.(1)

Who administers the assessment: The assessment is administered by licensed clinical social workers (LSCWs) who have extensive experience providing clinical treatment and by certified social workers, under the supervision of an LCSW, who have earned an M.S.W.

Time required to complete the assessment: The assessments can take anywhere from two to fours hours to complete and may be done in one or more sessions.

Information collected/issues addressed: The following information is collected through the assessment: basic demographic characteristics, current situation, social and family history, alcohol and drug history, legal issues, physical and mental health, and family violence. A recommended treatment plan is also included in the assessment.

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