Proposed Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information. Permissible uses and disclosures for purposes other than treatment, payment and operations


  • Covered entities could use and disclose protected health information without individual authorization for the following national priority activities:
    • Oversight of the health care system, including quality assurance activities;
    • Public health, and in emergencies affecting life or safety;
    • Research;
    • Judicial and administrative proceedings;
    • Law enforcement;
    • To provide information to next-of-kin;
    • For identification of the body of a deceased person, or the cause of death;
    • For government health data systems;
    • For facilities’ (hospitals, etc.) directories;
    • To financial institutions, for processing payments for health care; and
    • In other situations where the use of disclosure is mandated by other, consistent with the requirements of the other law.
  • Specific conditions would have to be met in order for the use or disclosure of protected health information to be permitted. These conditions are tailored to the need for each specific category listed above and to the types of organizations involved in such activities.