Promoting Public Benefits Access Through Web-Based Tools and Outreach: A National Scan of Efforts. Volume II: Detailed Summary Tables of Benefits Access Efforts. One-e-App



Developed by the California HealthCare Foundation and licensed to Social Interest Solutions, One-e-App provides one electronic application that collects and stores information, screens and delivers data electronically, and helps families enroll in a range of public and private programs. First implemented in Arizona in 2001, it is used under the following names in the following states: One-e-App in CA and IN, Health-e-Arizona in AZ, and Healthy Maryland in MD. The tool promotes access to different sets of programs in each state.

CA and AZ offer an assisted model and a self-service model. In the former, staff at nonprofit organizations uses the tool to screen families and help them apply for benefits. The general public has access the latter. In MD, the assisted model is available, and a self-service model is in development. In IN, only the assisted model is available.

In AZ, the state adopted One-e-App as its sole effort to promote benefits access through web-based technology. In other states, One-e-App supplements other government efforts.

Key benefit programs


Other benefit programs

Medicare Savings Program

Key technological components

Online application that can be sent electronically; online screener/benefits calculator

Other key components

 Application assistance

Target population

General low-income population

Geographic reach

Multiple states/localities

State/s (abbreviation)


Locality (cities or counties)

In AZ and IN, One-e-App is statewide.

In MD, it is available in Howard County and is in the process of being implemented statewide.

In CA, One-e-App is used in 14 counties: Alameda, Fresno, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Napa, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Sonoma

Selected sources of information

Arizona also has online, printable multiple benefit program applications for (1) SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, and child care assistance, and (2) Medicaid (families and children) and CHIP at:

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