Promoting Public Benefits Access Through Web-Based Tools and Outreach: A National Scan of Efforts. Volume I: Background, Efforts in Brief, and Related Initiatives. C. Roadmap to the Report


The remainder of the report presents results from the national scan of benefits access efforts. Specifically, it includes the following:

  • A summary of the efforts identified through the scan, including a series of tables that serve as quick references for readers interested in identifying all efforts that have certain key characteristics (Volume I, Chapter II). The efforts are listed by state, key benefit programs included, key technological components, target population, and provision of application assistance. Each table also gives the page number in the Volume II where more detailed information on each effort may be found.
  • A description of some broader benefits access initiatives that capitalize on some of the efforts presented in Chapter II and a discussion of some initiatives now in development (Volume I, Chapter III).
  • Detailed tables of efforts that are hosted on the websites of public agencies (Volume II, Section A)
  • Detailed tables of efforts that are hosted on the websites of private agencies (Volume II, Section B)

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