Privatization in Practice: Case Studies of Contracting for TANF Case Management. Reporting Results


All of the public agencies in the study sites distribute periodic reports to contractors summarizing their performance status. In sites with multiple contractors, these reports sometimes include information on other service providers, offering comparison points and creating an additional incentive to meet targets. In Hennepin County, reports show each service providers performance on all measures and convert these results into an overall grade of A to F. Some performance measures receive more weight than others in determining the grade. While such ratings may be inexact, administrators feel that they facilitate interpretation of performance results (especially for people who are not experts on the TANF program) and increase informal competition among contractors.

Monitors usually share the conclusions of case reviews and financial audits only with the contractor they affect. The results may take the form of a written report, an exit interview with contractor staff after a monitoring session, or both. Public agencies may also provide reports of error rates, based on data collected through management information systems and case reviews.

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