Private Employers and TANF Recipients. 5.6  Survey with Intermediaries


Developing a survey for labor market intermediaries would require similar choices to those faced in developing an employer survey. For example, as shown in Exhibit 5.4, there are many important topics and specific questions to cover in such a survey. However, we recommend that the survey sample frame  as well as the determination of the appropriate person in the organization to interview  be based on responses to the core employer survey. A draft of the intermediary survey would be developed at the same time as the employer surveys to ensure parallel construction. However, the final intermediary survey's content would depend to some extent on data obtained from the employer survey. As a result, the intermediary survey instrument would not be completed until after receiving final data from the employer survey.

The sample of labor market intermediaries to be surveyed by telephone would be determined by the employer survey; that is, only those intermediary organizations that are identified by employers would be included in the intermediary survey. The administration of the intermediary survey would be similar to that of the employer survey. As for the core employer survey, we would conduct an interview of no more than 20 minutes.

Exhibit 5.4
Potential Intermediary Survey Topics and Illustrative Questions
Survey Topics Illustrative Questions
Intermediary Characteristics
Organizational characteristics Does this organization operate at more than one site?Is this a for-profit, non-profit, or government organization? Is it affiliated with another institution?

What are the characteristics of your employee-clients (participants)? What percentage of these clients are African American? Asian? Hispanic?

What are the characteristics of your employer-clients (companies)? Are they concentrated in particular industries?

Institutional mission What is this organization's primary mission?

How do you measure organizational success? Is employee performance judged using these performance measures?

Intermediary Services
Recruitment and hiring Do you provide assistance to employer-clients in finding and recruiting employees?

Do you offer employee screening services to employer-clients? What types of screening do you provide?

Do you offer job placement services to employee-clients?

Employee support and assistance Do you use /provide services to employer-clients in providing support services or fringe benefits to their employees?

Do you offer post-placement services to employee-clients? Do you provide financial planning education? Job coaching? Child care assistance? Mentoring referrals? Counseling? Transitional health care assistance?

Training Do you use /provide skills training services to employer-clients? Do you provide GED preparation? Literacy training? Computer training? Vocational training? Employer-specific training?

Do you offer job training to employee-clients? Do you provide job readiness training? Basic education or GED preparation? Skills training?

5.6.1 Comprehensive Survey

For the comprehensive survey of intermediaries, many of the interviews would be conducted in person at the organization's offices. As with employers, in-person interviewing at the office of the intermediary organization would provide valuable in-depth information. In addition, it would provide an opportunity to verify and augment the information on intermediaries provided by employers.

Given the nature of these interviews, much of the development of the interview instrument would need to occur after the completion of the employer survey interviewing. Employer responses to the core survey would illuminate many of the practices and issues that are important to address in detail during the intermediary interviewing.

5.6.2 Basic Interviews

As with the secondary interviews with employers, conducting the survey of intermediaries by telephone would reduce costs, but also yield less detailed information. Most, but not all, of the survey's instrument development  which would be less detailed than for the in-person interviewing option  could be done before the core employer survey is finished.

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