Privacy and Health Research. Sweden


Basic privacy law: Data Protection Act (Datalagen) (1973). Authority: Data Inspection Board (Datainspektionen).

A special Governmental Data Act Committee has reviewed the shortcomings of the 1973 Act, which was judged to be inadequate for today's needs. In April 1997 the Committee proposed a total revision of the Data Protection Act, embodying many of the principles of the E.U. Directive but respecting Swedish concerns and the protections guaranteed by the Swedish Constitution. 90

The proposed new national law would allow processing of personally identifiable data "for scientific research and statistics purposes where a research ethics committee has approved the project or where the public interests clearly override the risks to integrity."

The proposed new law now will be considered by the Minister of Justice, who, after consultations and revisions, may submit it to the Parliament, perhaps in the autumn of 1997.

(90) The Committee's report, including a summary in English, is available on the Internet at < >.