Privacy and Health Research. Belgium


Basic privacy law: "Law on the Protection of Privacy with Respect to the Treatment of Personal Data" (Loi relative à la protection de la vie privée à l'égard des traitements de données à caractère personnel) (1992). Authority: Commission for the Protection of Private Life (La Commission de Protection de la Vie Privée / Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer).

At present a law amending the basic privacy law is being drafted, with the E.U. Directive in mind. The Conseil d'Etat has received the draft. The Minister of Justice has said that he plans to send the draft to the Parliament by the end of 1997.

Also, a draft "Royal Decree relating to the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of data of a personal nature for scientific research in the field of medicine or public health" is being considered. Such a Decree would be subsidiary to the revised omnibus privacy law, and so could not have full legal force until that law is passed; but if adopted it would provide interim guidance.