The Privacy Act of 1974: An Assessment. APPENDIX 4 TO The Report of The Privacy Protection Study Commission.. Social Security Number


Section 7 of the Act also appears to have had little effect on agency data collection practices. The National Endowment for the Arts eliminated the Social Security number (SSN) from its grant application forms;9 NASA removed it from its aircraft crew qualification records, its training request records, and its classified visit notification forms; 10 and the Department of Labor ceased to collect it from State unemployment agencies for use in the Department's system on "Characteristics of Insured Unemployed."11 However, the prohibition on denying an individual any right, opportunity, or benefit does not nullify any requirement, established by Federal statute or regulation prior to January l, 1975, to use the SSN to verify the identity of an individual. Thus the practices associated with most agency systems remain unchanged. 12