Prevention: A Blueprint for Action. Action Steps for Health Insurers


Health insurers can play a significant role in promoting health and preventing or lessening the consequences of chronic diseases and conditions for individuals.  Insurers can design and offer innovative and comprehensive preventative services benefit packages based on scientific evidence.  In addition, insurers can disseminate educational information about the importance of prevention to their customers/consumers.

  • Offer insurance products that include preventative services, disease management and wellness programs.
  • Engage consumers in a process to enhance their understanding of the importance of healthy habits and avoidance of risky behavior.
  • Encourage research evaluating the efficacy and cost/benefit of strategies to change behavior and translate research into clinical practice.  Share this information with employers and other purchasers of health care.
  • Create incentives to encourage individuals to adopt healthy behaviors.  [See Appendix F.]
  • Partner with communities and other entities to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • Include health literacy in quality of care and outcomes assessments.

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