Predictors of Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave among Home Health Workers: An Analysis of the National Home Health Aide Survey. Specification of Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave


Level of job satisfaction was determined on the basis of responses to the NHHAS question: “Overall, how satisfied are you with your job?”, with valid responses consisting of “extremely satisfied”, “somewhat satisfied”, “somewhat dissatisfied”, and “extremely dissatisfied”. The NHHAS collected data on the subgroup of home health workers who had left their jobs during the time that they were selected to participate in the survey and the time that the survey was administered. However, the sample size (fewer than 50 unweighted responses) was too small to include in the data analysis. For this reason a proxy variable, suggestive of workers’ intention to leave their job, was constructed. The variable “Intent to leave” was constructed using responses from two items in the 2007 NHHAS: (1) “Are you currently looking for a different job, either as a HHA or doing something different?”; and (2) “How likely is it that you will be leaving this job in the next year?”. Aides that either responded “yes” to the survey item asking whether they were looking for another job or who indicated that they were “very likely” to leave their job in the coming year were categorized as “intending to leave”. All other workers were categorized as “not intending to leave.”

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