Predictors of Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave among Home Health Workers: An Analysis of the National Home Health Aide Survey. Objectives


Job dissatisfaction, high turnover rates, and instability in the home health care workforce have negative consequences for consumers, providers, and policymakers. It is therefore important to understand the factors that contribute to this problem. The purpose of this study is to better understand whether and how key agency and worker-level variables, including job satisfaction, affect a home health worker’s decision to leave the job. The analysis uses a modified version of the demand control/support model (described in detail below) to identify the key predictors of job satisfaction and then to assess the direct and indirect effects of job satisfaction as well as other variables on a worker’s intention to leave the job. By understanding the factors that drive home health workers’ job satisfaction and retention, it may be possible to identify organizational strategies and government policies to assist in retention of the home health workforce.

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