Post-Acute Care Episodes Expanded Analytic File. Endnotes


1  Because there is no national physician fee schedule, state-level physician fee schedule amounts were used in this calculation. RTI selected one state, Kansas (although any state could have been selected), for the purposes of this analysis and applied Kansas rates to all therapy claims. By applying the rates from one state to all of the data, we were able to achieve the goal of understanding levels of utilization in the absence of wage adjustments and other geographic differences in payments.

2  Note that in the November 2009 report by Morley, Gage, Smith et al., the proportion of beneficiaries discharged to PAC in Texas was reported to be 29.2 percent. The authors acknowledged the unexpected results and reported that future analysis would examine this issue further. In the file construction effort for the current report, RTI identified a data issue where some providers in Texas were inadvertently excluded from the earlier analytic data file. These analyses reflect the corrected totals.

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