Positive Youth Development in the United States: Research Findings on Evaluations of Positive Youth Development Programs. Advisors to the Project


To design the framework for this review, project staff consulted at length with project officers at DHHS/ASPE, Elisa Koff and Sonia Chessen, and Susan Newcomer at NICHD, as well as the project's advisory board whose members are C. Hendricks Brown, Debra Delgado, Joy Dryfoos, Darnell Hawkins, Doug Kirby, Spero Manson, Inca Mohamed, Jane Quinn, and Roger Weissberg. Project staff, project officers, and the advisory board reached consensus on the defining constructs of positive youth development and on a set of criteria for inclusion of programs. These criteria ultimately determined the programs included in this report.

We are grateful to the advisors and project officers who contributed to this effort to define and evaluate the current state of the field of positive youth development.