Policy Research for Front of Package Nutrition Labeling: Developing and Testing a Summary System Algorithm. 4.2.6 Ranking of Foods and Food Groups with Modified Algorithm, Adding Vitamin C and Whole Grains (NDS6)


The mean score of the 570 foods with vitamin C and whole grains added on a per 100 kcal basis was the highest mean score of all modifications (−2.13). The mean and distribution of algorithm scores by major food groupings using the modified algorithm scoring foods on a per 100 kcal basis (NDS6KCAL) and a per RACC basis (NDS6RACC) are presented in Figures F-9 and F-10.

Fruits, vegetables, and legumes were the food groups with the highest ranking mean scores with both unit bases, and the rankings of mean scores of all food groups were the same for both unit bases.