Policy Research for Front of Package Nutrition Labeling: Developing and Testing a Summary System Algorithm. 4.2.4 Ranking of Foods and Food Groups with Modified Algorithm, Adding Vitamin C (NDS4)


The mean scores of the 570 foods with vitamin C added to the algorithm were higher than the respective baseline algorithms (Figures F-5 and F-6).

The scores for fruits increased substantially with the addition of vitamin C to the algorithm; the average score increased from 3.06 to 8.77 on a per 100 kcal basis and from 2.47 to 7.49 on a per RACC basis. Fruits with the highest vitamin C content were capped at 100% of daily value to avoid extreme scores. One of these foods was raw oranges; its score increased from 5.86 to 16.31 on a per 100 kcal basis and from 3.85 to 14.53 on a per RACC basis. The highest score using both the original and modified algorithm was orange juice with calcium added; its score increased from 10.15 to 20.12 on a per 100 kcal basis when vitamin C was added to the algorithm. Scores for vegetables increased moderately. The mean scores of the other food groups were similar to the original scores.