Persons With Mental Retardation and Related Conditions in Mental Retardation Facilities: Selected Findings from the 1987 National Medical Expenditure Survey. Part 2: Findings of the National Medical Expenditure Survey


Part 2 of this report examines the data obtained from the Facility and Baseline (Resident) questionnaires on the "mental retardation facilities" in the Institutional Population Component of the 1987 National Medical Expenditure Survey. These were the only data yet available at the time of these analyses. Subsequent data will permit examination of service utilization, costs of services, and other aspects of living in long-term care settings. In the following presentations of data, descriptive statistics such as percentages and averages are generally used in place of population estimates. This is done because of the evidence of substantial underestimation of the population of small facility residents. In addition to tables presenting the results of the analyses and discussion of the findings, this chapter also includes brief comments on the nature and quality of the instrumentation related to the concepts being studied.

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